Adopt the Pace of Nature Rural - 10" x 20" size


Styrene mounting is strong, durable, and resists warping. Highly recommended for large prints. All styrene mounted prints also have lustre coating for framing without glass.

"Adopt the pace of nature, her secret is patience" by Ralph Waldo Emerson is truly a motto that those who work the land live by.

This rural image is a composite of photographs taken in DeKalb County, IL. It is available only in the 10"x20" size mounted on styrene. This particular print couples nicely with a barnwood frame though it would work well with other framing options as well.

Mounting on styrene, which is a durable substrate, allows the print to be framed without glass. A special lustre coating is also applied which provides some UV protection. Care of the print requires just an occasional dusting with a microfiber cloth.