Artist Statement

My defining moment as a photographic artist occurred on a foggy morning several

years ago. Not only did I feel compelled to capture the morning in photographs but the

resulting images were of the caliber I had strived for. Those photographs, and the

artwork that evolved from them using my digital darkroom, were the start of the journey

I have continued to follow with joy and passion.

For me, photography is less about the equipment or what the camera saves to

memory than what I as an artist convey through the final image. I feel I have done my

best as an artist when those who view my work express their own connection to a

work of art. While the majority of my photographs are taken within a relatively short

distance from my home, the resulting images have a universality that appeals to a wide

variety of viewers. 

The time I spend both during the process of taking photographs and then in my "digital

darkroom" are equally enjoyable to me. While I cherish the quiet moments I spend

alone in nature, seeing sights that no other person is experiencing in that time and

place, I also love the process of converting those images into works of art.